Meet The Owner


I'm Asia Lyons, mom of 3 kiddos AND owner of Pressed By Asia. Before Covid-19, I'd visit the nail salon frequently for a design/color change or simply because my busy mom life had my nails breaking often. The nail techs knew me well and helped inspire my passion. I started experimenting with acrylic and fell in love with doing nails!

However, acrylics were NOT healthy at all and they would break too soon! After looking for a better alternative, I realized press on nails were the answer! I can wear them using my glue for a couple weeks OR use sticky tabs to have them on for a couple days. Plus, after removing my nails, I can  "Mix & Match" them or wear the same design another time since my nails are study enough to be worn again!!

All nail sets are made with SALON QUALITY GEL and lightly buffed underneath to maximize the adhering stage!

All nail sets come with an application kit. It's crucial that all steps are followed precisely (especially BUFFING) and watch your fingers 'CAUSE THIS GLUE DON'T PLAY GAMES!! 

Paying extra money at nail salons for gel polish is overrated. I've enjoyed the luxury of getting customized AFFORDABLE manicures AT HOME! I'd like to share that same experience with you! Let me get you pressed, sis!

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